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If you want to help others with their daily tech issues, then remote assistance could come quite handy. Remote assistance using an app is far better than providing troubleshooting tips over the phone. Remote assistance with an app like TeamViewer is better because there is visual assistance and it is easier for the other person to follow and learn. Even if you are not a professional technician, being in the know of technology better than the others, you may have to help other people with their technical issues at times. With the app like TeamViewer now available for Android and other mobile platforms, tech troubleshooting could get pretty easy.

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TeamViewer QuickSupport for Android

QuickSupport by TeamViewer is definitely an incredible app for the Android users. If you are using it personally then it is available for free. The app allows you to remotely take control of any Android device right from your desktop. People who have used this tool have truly loved it. Here is a peek into its functionality for Android.


How to use TeamViewer for Android

The first step of the process is pretty simple. All you need to do is install this application on the Android device on which the support is required and on the PC from which the support is to be given. You don’t need to create a TeamViewer account to use this app. There are some devices which may require an extra add-on for the report support to work. Once the app has been installed on the devices, you will need to wait for the initialization to complete.

Soon after the initialization, a unique ID is generated by the app. You will just need to enter this ID from the app into the app on the Windows. This will establish the connection between the two devices. Both the devices should have an active internet connection and the QuickSupport must be running for the connection to be successful.

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Once the connection has been established, the remote control will not appear directly. You will instead see a dashboard where all the required details pertaining to the device will appear for you to check before the start of the troubleshooting process. Once you are all set to start the troubleshooting, you will need to click on the tab labelled ‘remote control’. This tab is at the top left of the screen. Clicking on the tab will build the connection. You may need more than one attempt (sometimes several) before the connection between the devices is successful.

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This is all you are going to need to establish the connection and remotely control the device using the Windows based PC. During the troubleshooting process, the mouse clicks are used for touch and long taps can be achieved through long mouse clicks. If you need to enter the text, you can simply use the keyboard. Remember that both the parties will have full control over the device. If you do not want to be disturbed by the other person, tell them in advance not to touch their phone screen. The TeamViewer for Android comes with a chat tool which can be used to communicate with the other person during the process.

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Aside from the remote control, the TeamViewer app for Android also comes with a dashboard which can be used to monitor process, uninstall apps, and also to get the complete work log of the phone. If you need to download a file to the phone for the completion of any task, you can simply download it on your Windows based PC and then push it to the phone using this app.

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TeamViewer QuickSupport is certainly an incredible app which can be used to help someone remotely. It has all the features you can need to provide perfect troubleshooting support.

Download TeamViewer for Android

Click here to Download TeamViewer QuickSupport for Android

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